I've worked with people from all walks of life, in different capacities, my whole life. 40+ years in fact. I've worked alongside others, coached, trained, led, counselled, mentored and supervised. For as long as I can remember I have been deeply curious about the human condition, especially around how we unconsciously adopt self-destructive behaviours which cause ourselves and others to suffer. I believe that we are all capable of better, for ourselves and for one another.  A safe space is crucial to allow another way of being to emerge in us. 

I initially trained in Psychodynamic Theory and Person Centred Counselling at the University of Edinburgh and although I practice mainly as a Psychodynamic Therapist, I have also been deeply influenced by other Psychoanalysts such as Carl Jung and James Hollis, who pay great attention to our 'Shadow selves'; which can be very self-destructive. I also embody Buddhist philosophy into my practice and my life, consistently learning from Buddhist teachers such as Pema Chödrön and Thích Nhât Hanh. 

Over many years I have acquired a vast amount of theoretical knowledge, which is incredibly useful in thinking about the human condition, it is of little use if I cannot relate to, and empathise with, the intensely painful feelings that many people experience. It is my lived experience that motivated me to become a Therapist and which helps me to successfully help other people. My approach is down to earth, friendly and professional. I am here to give you a safe space to understand yourself and to help yourself to move forward in a more intentional way which allows you to find purpose and meaning  in your life.  

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