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Psychodynamic therapy

Psychodynamic therapy focuses on that which is hidden from awareness (your unconscious world) and considers the influence it has on your current behaviours, moods and ways of thinking. Your history affects how you perceive yourself and how you develop, and maintain, a 'healthy' sense of yourself (self esteem and worth). Exploring thoughts and feelings in a deeply curious way can help reveal that which is out of conscious awareness providing you with new awareness that can help you to change.

Psychodynamic therapy helps to bring into consciousness the impact of your early experiences on your current adult relationships, helping you to acknowledge and change pre-conditioned patterns of behaviour that may be confusing, limiting and distressing. Early relationships deeply influence your sense of self and your psychological wellbeing.

The relationship between client and therapist is instrumental in helping the client understand patterns in other relationships.  

Psychodynamic therapy is a process of deep exploration and is recommended for issues such as depression, acute anxiety, relationship difficulties, confusion around identity/identities, fears around loss or abandonment and certain types of addictions.  

A psychodynamic approach can be effective for long-standing, repetitive issues that significantly interfere with life, for example, getting into one unsatisfying relationship after another, repeated failure to achieve your goals and nourish your potential, a long history of anxiety and depression, a feeling of not being able to 'be yourself' or act freely and spontaneously.

There are many types of therapy that can help address specific behavioural problems, for example, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (commonly known as CBT). Psychodynamic therapy is often a better fit for people who want a more in-depth understanding and experience of their internal life.

Please do contact me to discuss what it is you would like to gain from Psychodynamic Therapy. 

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